M is for Muckity Muck Mess and Max barking at the nice Man trying to fix the Mess

10253913_756478967725928_7548027161196838779_nYou know, I was going to write about M is for Money because that’s what my wonderful support group of woMen and I are Mulling over right now– the old stories we tell ourselves about Money, that May keep us from Manifesting the amount of Money that we would like.  The stories we grew up with–the ones our parents and authority peeps taught us.  I was also going to throw in some really cool stuff about Mindfulness and Me time and a bunch of esoteric things that would sound really good and professional, but the truth is I don’t feel like it:

M is for Margaret. And Margaret really likes her ducks in a Magnificent row- Margaret really does not like big Messes and spending Money on them

and having Me discombobulated while I’m writing you,

hoping I’m not Making a Mess of the Monologue

knowing clients are coming this afternoon and we will Meet in my living room

and praying the nice Man downstairs can fix the water pipe so I can have a Much needed shower and get Me undiscombobulated.

But instead I’m just freewheeling it here–I’ve been without water for several days. I have been kindly taken in, fed and watered by Magnificent friends and family.  I’m consciously Making Myself relax waiting for the pipe that burst in the basement completely flooding my home office and garage–about an inch of water in my brand new carpet and it’s a MESS, to be fixed.

A few minutes ago, I let in the nice Man and showed him to the downstairs and he said “you have a really big Mess here, lots of water–carpet’s a Mess.”  😉

It’s nice to know that the Man agrees with Me.

I hope the “adjuster Man” who will come out later in the week realizes that My brand new carpet–replaced last year is a HUGE MESS and he will Make the decision to cough up the Money to pay for the things that are Messed up. (What do adjusters adjust?  It’s pretty Much adjusting how Much Money they are willing to give you right???)

I think I May get really Mad, if they heM and haw.  This is the first Mess claim I have EVER filed after Many years of sending them Money.  I have pictured Myself being Mad about them not paying for new carpet–do you ever do that? . .iMagine–play it out in your Mind worst case scenarios?  I know you do. Me too.

Fingers crossed and glad “the creek didn’t rise”–you know the insurance Man definitely won’t Manifest Money for outside water.  Mine was the good kind of water Mess–the inside kind. 😉

I intend to take one step at a time and breathe through the day

to get the Mess fixed.

Slow and steady.  It just so happens that hundreds of folks had pipes burst over the weekend. I live in the South–piedmont NC a place with a Moderate climate most of the time, and we don’t get 5 degree temps very often, but when we do our pipes freeze!!!!

So it has been a several day wait for Men to come out and I am rather proud of Myself that I was kind and patient and not Mean to any of the woMen Mender helpers that I spoke over the weekend. They really were doing their best to get here as soon as possible. The nice Man just came up stairs and said that it would be 276.00 to cut through the wall and fix the pipe. Not too Much Money! Very nice Man. The Mitigating Menders just got here from After Disaster.  VERY NICE MEN!!!

DId you know that M is for Magic also?  I feel some wonderful Magic in the air–the nice Men downstairs love My art that’s all over the walls of my hoMe office. 😉

aMen!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: fineartamerica.com Margaret Huntley Harrison

12 thoughts on “M is for Muckity Muck Mess and Max barking at the nice Man trying to fix the Mess”

  1. Marvelous Margaret–You didn’t make a mess of your monologue (I got A+ on the spelling, too). Your word pictures say it all—poor Max and Mo! I’m guessing the adjuster will be gracious unto you—with your own money, of course! And you will prevail….and your office will be restored to its preciousness. thinkin bout you……

  2. Oh Man!!! How I hate that this happened to you!!!! There’s a nice French word that starts with M that would work well here with this Mess! So sorry Margaret. But I Must say…this Morcel of writing is totally Magnificent and brilliant and if you can Make such a Marvel of words in the afterMath of such a total Mess, there is Magic afoot in this Muckety Muck situation. I’m hoping the Mess is being Managed and is Moving back to a state of norMal (whatever that is). And it May be a good thing that you weren’t on the letter F when all this happened…😉

  3. What a Mess! Glad you responded without becoming abusive of the “nice” man trying to help you. Your insurance may or may not cover it. No one knows about these things; they dwell in limbo.

    1. It’s good not to bite the hand that feeds you, right?! Yes, it’s pretty yucky and I have braced myself for a long journey of getting my office back to normal. I called Allstate that night and got a “claim #” which is like gold. Hoping for good results. My expectations are not high because after all it is an insurance company! Hah!

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