W is for Work and for With (lots of playing and resting in between)

me playing ukeOur work makes our eternal significance tangible in the present.

Want to raise your self-esteem? Find and do your meaningful work!

Meaningful work will raise your self-esteem faster than all the self-help strategies in the world!!

And while we’re on the subject of self-esteem, a pet peeve of mine is discussing self-esteem as a noun. This focuses on the problem. Using it as a verb focuses on the solution!

You esteem yourself every day when you get up in the morning and begin your work. Don’t forget that!

If you haven’t yet found your work, start by doing something hard that you have always really wanted to do — see how much work it is — also notice how much better you feel!

Make sure you rest and play and do things that are easy in between your periods of work so that your creativity and stamina circuits have time to repair themselves.

This pic of me playing the uke is me playing!  One of my favorite ways to play. 😉

And, BTW, lots of sleep is essential for North Star living.

If you want to discover more about your life’s purpose and work please read Martha Beck’s wonderful book Finding Your Own North Star.

Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: fineartamerica.com Margaret Huntley Harrison

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