Rosemary, Roses, and Ramblin’ Beauty

DSC_0041I used to have this really bodacious rosemary bush that took up a third of my back yard, (ok maybe a 30th.)

I had planted a  couple of small sprigs of the stuff and what happened was a 4 1/2 foot tall 10 foot circumference beauty of a bush.  She gave shelter to  bunny families, cradled nests for birds that nested a little too close to the ground for my taste, and provided herbalicous delight to many chicken dinners.

Rosemary also graced Rachel’s bridal bouquet a few years ago.  My daughter in law Rachel loves rosemary even more that I do and I can still picture her breaking off sprigs and breathing in their fresh sweet scent.

Folklore has it that rosemary grows particularly well in gardens tended by strong-willed women–maybe it’s because we’re the only ones who can stand up to the over-zealous yard helpers with their chain saws.

This magnificent plant finished it’s life cycle a couple of years ago and alas I am still looking for a picture. The dead brown branches were so thick and gnarly that we finally did have to use that chain saw.  Everyone in the family has missed our faithful plant.


I have 3 dill plants that are basically doing the same thing as the great Rosemary  but without concomitant respect.

Maybe it is because they just shoot straight up in the air and have to be cut back to the nub about 3 times a year in order to view the rest of the garden. This one–7-8 ft tall is way overdue a cut back.

The picture posted at the top is my  “New Dawn” rose bramble before it greened up this early spring, providing shelter to Mrs. Cardinal as she and Mr.  Cardinal (Mr. bald and beautiful) build their nest in a shrub nearby.

I settled on the roses about the same time as I did the rosemary.  They started humbly as two tiny bushes towered over by the freshly painted trellis.  I had picked this New Dawn variety hoping that my home and garden would look just like the pictures in the home and garden magazines which displayed the New Dawn variety voluptiously sprawling up white trellises and onto the nearby cottage roof.


New Dawn turned out to be the real thing–Hearty and Prolific– my kind of plant. Here she is in May of this year. 🙂

Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: Margaret Huntley Harrison

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