Organizing my art space for abundant art making

IMG_0245Here it is now.

There is a loose organization here, believe it or not.

Starting from right to left–obviously an easel with painting. To the left to that a cart with loads of supplies. On the bottom shelf are trays of soft pastels and wax pastels, next shelf colored pencils and large pink bowl filled with random objects for creating interesting shapes and textures; next shelf cups for mixing paint, regular drawing pencils and a basket of my favorite reference photos (fancy name for the very best pics I’ve taken which are waiting to be painted), next shelf  brushes and palette knives and palettes and collage glue. On the little brown cart to the left are boxes of  watercolor paints, oil paints and acrylic paints and cloths for protecting furniture and easels. To the left of this little stand with the paint boxes and cloths is something that was originally intended as a kitchen piece (butcher block cart) filled with baskets of all kinds of cool tools for lettering.

On the top of this cart is my dream box.  When I think of projects that I want to do or am excited about, I write them down and put them in the box. During very intense idea phases I do this several times a week. And I also go for long periods of time not even looking in the box–this is either when I am making lots of art (the doing phase) or life has temporarily taken over, or I’ve completely forgotten about the box, like now and it’s going to be like Christmas morning when I open it very soon.

Seeing all these art supplies higgeldy piggledy out in the open like this is beginning to take it’s toll on my nerves as well as collect dust, and methinks it could drain my creative energy .  . .  and we don’t want that.

Soooo, my project is to organize all these art materials into one cabinet that I can close.

I finally found it Saturday after one major disappointment:  some lady had gotten to this large bodacious cabinet crying out for art,  first and had left a hold on it.  Very irritating.   I left a second hold on it (who knew?) hoping she would forget all about it. Nope.

The other one is going to be groovy too, though it needs a little more work.  It’s still at Elizabeth’s Furniture (Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem) because I am in need of a man with a truck, and fortunately son Ben who lives nearby has volunteered.  He will pick it up this Friday around midday and bring it over and have a little lunch with his Mum.

The piece is a French Provincial cabinet with doors and drawers and shelves, all of which close, almost. One door needs to be shaved a bit.   It needs repainting and as well as changing the pulls and hardware because they are way to curly cue for my taste and the furniture has enough curly cues as it is.

I will paint it a pretty white for the chic and distress it a little for the shabby.  I’ve been reading online about best methods: one site suggests  painting 2 coats with chalk paint (which is so thick it doesn’t doesn’t require priming over finished wood, supposedly), sanding lightly for the shabby, and then brushing on several coats of wax for extra chic.

When Ben delivers the soon to be art cabinet, I will take a pic of it for you and post next week.  Would love to have you can join me in the studio over the next few weeks while I declutter, organize, and refinish for a sleek but girly tres belle cabinet d’art.

If anyone has any tips for painting furniture please share! 😉


Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: Margaret Huntley Harrison

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