98, 99, 100!

You know I’ve been painting 100 for $100.- 2 more full weekends (the day job) to paint before the Art Opening “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun!”  Friday, May 6 Hampton House Gallery–Mother’s Day weekend. Look for the article about it in Relish May 5  🙂

Been painting oodles of flowers, landscapes, a few seascapes.  I became a little fidgety yesterday and could feel the wall coming straight at me.

I said to myself: “Inspiration that’s what I need–something fun . . . hmmmmm . . . aha! vegetables, fruits.”

So I checked the fridge for subject matter and find asparagus. Bet you didn’t know  till now that asparagus is fun.

See it?  There it is nestled between the pencil and the dish of creamy pink paint.painting with asparagus 2

And that one asparagus inspired me so much I popped out 5 fun fruit and vegetable paintings–I make it sound easy, but

-to be sure each came trailing it’s own artistic crisis.

This may sound a little dramatic–I’ve occasionally been characterized as having a flair for the dramatic. But that’s ok.But what do you expect?  I’m an artist.

This is my all time favorite excuse for all of my weird eccentricities and idiosyncrasies ( it took me at least 3 tries to spell the idio word and it still doesn”t look right.)

In fact I think this whole phenom of being able to dismiss my critics with ” I’m an artist” is one of the more fetching things about the whole enterprise. 😉

As I was saying, each painting-even the little ones, seems to involve a tiny artistic crisis–each crisis is “pequeño, pera con”that means “small but mighty” in Spanish. Are you impressed yet?

I’m trying to teach myself a little Spanish because my son Rob, his wife and 5 children are migrating to the far, far southern regions of Western Mexico in July and I want to be prepared.

I originally built this counter for overflow seating of my 6 grandchildren but seeing as 5 of them are migrating, the counter will be my new painting spot!  The light is fabulous.Painting with asparagus Cause YOU KNOW . . .GIRLS JUST GOTTA HAVE FUN!

I love you guys!  ❤


Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: fineartamerica.com Margaret Huntley Harrison

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