Balance in Painting and Life

” I Told You I Could!”

Is this painting out of balance?   The vase is clearly on the left side of the picture with lots of stripes and flowers coming out of the top of the vase and lopping over into the other side of the picture–both left quadrants and top right quadrant very full of visual activity.

Now look at the  lower right quadrant with its peaceful blue green hue or “negative space” as us artists like to call it.

So is this painting balanced?

If someone were to peer into 1 quadrant of your or my life (this quadrant could be a day or week or even month), they might conclude imbalance:

For instance vacation week with lots of eating and imbibing,

or an especially difficult, busy frenetic day or week at work,

or an especially slow day or week at work,

or a day or week that you laid around all day and rested,

or a day or week that you went on a  donut binge,

or a day or week in which you went on a green smoothie binge,

or day or week in which you painted all day and forgot to eat,

or a day or week in which you ran around in the car taking children where they needed go,

or a day or week when you went from fast food restaurant to fast food restaurant for all 3 meals of the day.

(Actually if you are the mother of small children or even tweens and teens these quadrants seem to last for years 😉

Anyway, in my life I go on painting binges sometimes–like when I did 100 for 100–and I led a rather unbalanced life while I was doing that–eating lots of lifesavers–the yummy kind with the huge “no-no high fructose corn syrup” which addicts you–I used to love those big Charms “all day” suckers–that lasted a couple hours if you were careful– when I was a little girl. Nothing better than curling up on my bed with a good Nancy Drew book and a lemon, or orange or cherry Charms sucker.

After my art opening, I was still in a bit of a flurry catching up on the continuing education in order to  renew my counselors license so I can continue to pay the bills and then completing a couple of painting commissions–

Whew–got a little out of whack in the physical exercise, healthy eating and relaxing quadrant of my life.

And my brother Captain Bob came for a visit which is wonderful and we eat good when he’s here even if it’s not all good for you.

So this weekend, I have a blank slate–to catch my breath and plan for a very relaxing quadrant ahead. Dog sitting, lying around, sitting around, big brisk walks and healthier eating and hiking and long vigorous bike rides with my guy.

I’m intending a month, or two, very similar to the 4th quadrant of the painting above–serene light green blue and still–except for the vigorous walking and biking of course. 😉



Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: Margaret Huntley Harrison

2 thoughts on “Balance in Painting and Life”

  1. Thank you Margaret for this beautiful reminder of the way life imitates art. I needed it today as I am working to transition back to a “normal” pace of life after months of wedding planning and preparations. Love to you!

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