Catching Meece

01-1I wanted to share some drama with you–the kind of drama that I’m particularly fond of:

So I found meece droppings under my sink yesterday.

I called on the best “Have a Heart” meece catcher and overall animal engineer that I know–my guy, Phil Mcvay.

And he brought up his official “Have A Heart” mouse trap

and we caught a certified little squiggly-nose daddy meece this morning

and Phil came to get him–cute little thing–and release him into the woods behind my house.

Phil came back up tonight to reset Have a Heart because I’m pretty sure I have not only a daddy but a son meece along with a couple daughters and a mother meece, at least.

Anyway, later after the trap setting–while fixing a late dinner for myself– I tripped the meece catcher with my foot and Phil had to come back up to reset–I was tempted to pretend like we just didn’t catch one tonight and hum de dum I didn’t trip it with my clumsy foot because of asking Phil to trudge up the hill after hours and all, but I knew he (Phil) would be on to my ruse–he’s that kind of all knowing animal engineer.

That’s the end of the story.

Anyway, just in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t, this is the kind of drama I like . . .

Nay LOVEMaybe because I’ve experienced so many in and out


of the other kinds of drama in my life,  I appreciate, even more than I did before, this kind of ordinary extraordinary little drama.

If this lovable though deadly meece catcher, good ole Bob the Cat were still here, I wouldn’t have needed “Have a Heart.” Don’t let this elegant pose fool you.  😉  01-1

Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: Margaret Huntley Harrison

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