Cleared off Spaces No More!

Folks I got to tell you!  I love cleared off spaces in my home/studio like thus:IMG_0385-2And I always forget that I can’t have this beautiful cleared off space and the incredible joy and magic of painting and making beautiful messes at the same time.

But no!  It’s a surprise every time–and my old brain has to come to this realization all over again!  So here is my beautiful cleared off space in the middle of my delight and beautiful mess making!  Same counter–different look. 😉


Have I told ya’ll lately that I love you guys?  ❤

Author: Margaret Huntley Harrison

I’m a painter using my gifts to transform the seemingly ordinary into the beautiful and extraordinary. What I love more than anything is tracking down, creating, and spreading the beauty in our amazing world! And I LOVE helping you find and spread your beauty into your home, your family and your world. Art for sale: Margaret Huntley Harrison

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