Beautiful Landscapes for Beautiful Spaces

Art Party!! Sat. Oct 7 3-6 796 Newington Dr. Clemmons 27012 Come see Margaret paint and talk to her about designing a special piece for you or a loved one. Wine, cheese, art, music, good fun, laughs, Margaret painting live! Will be so excited to see YOU!!!!

I Paint Beauty For Us

Girls Multiples landscapesI love these little landscapes grouped together!

I think 12″x 12″ prints on canvas of these little beauties would be gorgeous grouped over your desk, bed, sofa, or amazing in a dining room, don’t you think?

And you wouldn’t have to make the tough decision about which one you like best!


If you would like to make one of your spaces in your home even more beautiful email me at  Looking forward to decorating together!

I love you guys!  ❤

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7 Ways Art Can Make You Happier!

DSC_0544 1. Relieve boredom  

2. Distract from sadness

3. Brighten surroundings

4.  Inspire you to be creative

5.  Be a conversation piece

6.  Match the sofa  😉   

7.  Color up your world

I bet you guys can think of a lot more!!

like maybe

8. Excuse for a Party!

Come see Margaret and Julie’s art at the Big Beautiful Art Party

Art Party Sat. Oct 7  (3-6) Margaret’s Home Studio, with Julie Dockery and her beautiful paintings!

796 Newington Dr. Clemmons, NC 27012


One of a Kind Giclees –Art Party!!

DSC_0119DSC_0124Art Party!  October 7  3-6   These beautiful watercolors available as one of a kind giclees –150.00 a piece.    Please come!! 796 Newington Dr.   Wine, cheese, chocolate, live music, Margaret painting live for you–maybe a quick lesson or 2!!

Come party with us!!!  It won’t be the same without YOU!!!